Wake Enhancement Issue:

At the May 27, 2023 Regular Board meeting of the Stratton Lake District, it was decided (voted) to join the property owners’ association in asking the Dayton Town board to pass an ordinance to address potential safety issues and damage to our lake by operation of wake-enhancing boats. Click here to read the resolution passed by both bodies.  This resolution was then shared with the Town of Dayton.

Here is the proposed ordinance we are requesting: click here.

Update – July 26, 2023:
Stratton Lake District response to Town of Dayton request:

Update – January 20, 2024: This week the Town of Farmington has passed this ordinance, which restricts the use of wake enhancement equipment on Round Lake and Rainbow Lake, the two wake lakes on the Chain that fall entirely within the boundaries of Farmington.  Long Lake and Stratton Lakes are located entirely within the Town of Dayton, which is still considering it’s own such ordinance.  Should Dayton plan a vote on their own ordinance, the next step would be to schedule a public hearing which requires a 30 day publication notice.  Please keep a look out for the date as your input will be valuable, regardless of which side you represent.

Note that Columbia Lake would require a joint ordinance between Farmington and Dayton, as it spans those townships.  Similarly any ordinance on Spencer Lake would require a joint ordinance by Lind and Dayton.  Hearings and voting on either would likely fall after Dayton decides on approach to Long Lake and Stratton Lake.

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